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Why should I pay dues to be a volunteer?
Your dues pay for the support you and your chapter will receive from our state and national organization.  These organizations provide training, monthly mailings and updates, organizational newsletters, service by officers, and a great deal of programming information.  Our dues are currently $50.00.  $45 is sent to the State Organization to facilitate the cost of state newsletters and supplies, and $5.00 is for our National Organization.

What is the time commitment?
One of the great things about Women of Today is that you can be as involved as YOU want.  There are no "requirements" but it is suggested that you attend the monthly general meetings to keep up-to-date on what is happening.

How big is the chapter?
Currently we have 16 active members. 

Why should we raise money for people in other communities?
We help people all around us: in our town, county, state, nation, and globe.  We help them because we believe in helping each other and helping people who some day may help us or someone we love.  Our support of the American Cancer Society or the March of Dimes may one day benefit our next-door neighbor or even our own family.

How can I find the time....I'm a very busy person?
You do not need to do more than you wish.  You pick the projects or fun nights that fit with your interests and your schedule.  We value your contributions whatever they are.  Also, the more members who join, the more the workload is shared. Many of our members are employed, have children and partners.  We have found that our members are involved in a number of areas within their communities and we encourage that.  Busy people know how to get things done and manage their time.  We encourage chapter members to do what they are interested in and committed to doing.  We also realize that there are times when you cannot be as active and at those times we suggest you step back and take a break so you won't get burned out.

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